Bob Peterson 

imageMy little corner of the world.  That was me in 2004, when I got my new Mac G5.  It was a real thrill after having a pair of G3s dating from 1999.  The desktop was the top of the line, at 333MHz, and the clamshell iBook was great with its handle and rugged case.

A year later the clamshell iBook was flaking out.  I'd replaced the internal drive, but it developed battery charging problems.  I got the iBook G4 before my Christmas travels as the iBook G3 had to stay home.  The old laptop eventually died, after having done great service as a kitchen computer, providing weather, movie times and other news for us.

Why Contracorner? I love to contra dance. One of the more complicated and satisfying calls is "turn contra corners". This is my corner.